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K-4/Extended Care:                    .Barbara Hindman &  Annette Ward
K-5:                                              Melanie Rodgers
1st Grade:                                    Teresa Boydstun
1st Grade                                    Carrie McCool
2nd Grade:                                   Susan McAdory and Tiffany Long
3rd Grade:                                    Penny Llewelyn
4th Grade:                                   Linda Taylor
5th Grade:                                    Lauren Goldbeck
6th Grade:                                   Joy Lowrey and Bobbie Dewberry
Elementary Music:                        Arlene Holdiness



Samantha Bookout:            Algebra I, and 12th Grade Homeroom Sponsor  
Justin Childs                       7th Grade Math, Business Math, and Pre-Algebra
Regan Monk                       World History, American History, American Government and Economics                                                       
Pat Byrd                               7th Grade History, PE and Head Football Coach
April Herrington:                  Bookkeeping
Arlene Holdiness:                Chorus - 6th - 12th Grade
Martha Blackwell                7th Grade English, 8th Grade English, Latin and 7th Grade Homeroom Sponsor
Barbara Kemp                    English I, II, III and IV, Speech and Psychology
Carolyn Lindley:                  Algebra II, Advanced Math, Geometry, Calculus, Trigonometry, College Algebra/College Trig.,
                                                 and 10th Grade Homeroom Sponsor
Tanya McGinnis:                    Tech. Support/Renweb
Farrell Rigby:                       Headmaster
Melanie Rodgers                Intro to Computers
Howard Ryals:                     Chemistry I & II
Judy Sanders:                     Guidance Counselor, 8th Grade U.S. History & 9th Grade Mississippi Studies,Psych./Speech,
                                            and 8th Grade Homeroom Sponsor
Mary Snow:                         Survey of Art - Drama
Angie Taylor                        7th Grade Science, Biology I., Human Anatomy, and Physics, and 9th Grade Homeroom Sponsor
Joe Ward:                            Keyboard, Computer Discovery, Computer Applications, Computer I, Computer II &
Moe Reed                         Enhanced Learning, 7th Grade History, PE, Girls Basketball Coach and 11th Grade Homeroom Sponsor
Charlie Smith                   Physical Science, Earth Science, Health, Head Softball Coach and Head Baseball Coach
Brian Sims                        Economics, Global Studies/Street Law and Asst. Football Coach